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A used saddle will not effect your performances

To be able to communicate well, the equipment must be adapted to the morphology of the horse and the size of the rider, seeking comfort and adjustment of both. The technical criterion for choosing a frame is quite universal with all the modalities of disciplines.

Horse adaptation

The mount is placed on the horse's back by exerting a weight, that of the mount itself and that of the rider. The inside of the chairs consists of a central channel and two side runners, called panels. It is believed that this distribution frees the spine and channels pressure on the lateral muscles. The most important part is the central channel. The bridge, the front part that covers the cross, is the one that modifies the opening measurement that the canal will have. It must have an optimal closing angle so as not to compress the column and adjust the panels in the appropriate cross muscles. The use of a saddle with a very closed or open deck will not properly stabilize the weight, but the used english saddles for sale will offer you comfort on its back.

Adaptation of the runner

The comfort and fit of the cyclist also play an essential role in communication through the back and seat. The first point is to have the right size, which includes the length of the deck seating surface at the tip of the rear bollard and the length of the skirts. You must look at the length of the skirt, you should cover the leg halfway through the twin to be able to have direct contact with the horse. Otherwise, there would be no sensitive link with the horse's skin due to the low natural freedom of the leg.

Most executives owe their names to the country or region in which the characteristics have been developed, although there are differences that make them recognizable and highly valued today for the performance of some exercises or others.


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