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A successful brand starts with the registration of the brand. You indicate all the key characteristics by which consumers will recognize your products and services: shape, color, design, emotion integrated in this symbol.

The role of the rider

A saddle for a horse and rider is like skates for a skater or sneakers for a professional runner. It should be reliable, practical, practical. And the rider's task is to ensure not only his own comfort, but also that of a combat partner.

How to choose a saddle?

Certified saddle fitting specialist, the owner of the Tech Sport store, an official representative of the Prestige, Bruno Delgrange, Euro riding, Devoucoux, Equiline and candidate for the mastery of sport, Karina Polyantseva explained the basic principles of saddle assembly. Stools are different - black, white, red... Cavalry, cowboy, ladies, races, races... all of them! There is no exact information about who and when the saddle was invented. Historians claim that the first semblance of a saddle appeared in 800-700 BC. Military actions contributed to progress - it was necessary to repair the fighter so that he would think about the battle and not about how to surrender to the enemy without falling.

Stool and its aesthetics

The first saddles look like used english saddles for sale, dense blankets or slats, which over time have begun to be attached to the horse by belts. The predecessors of the cinch, accessories and the current henchman. The years have passed, the centuries have passed... The world has changed, needs, requirements, preferences have changed as well as the saddle has also changed. In addition, the word was behind the cavalry: the saddle for long journeys should be comfortable, light and reliable. In fact, these three criteria are fundamental for modern sports saddles (competition, triathlon, dressage and racing saddles), which will be discussed later.

But in professional sports, a thorough "saddle" is a matter of the utmost importance.

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