Vom Mutter Haus Giant Schnauzers
John & Renee` Mutter
118 Mt. Lebanon Rd
Lawrenceburg, TN
Chance is our breeding out of our Hungarian Import &
American Champion Matraszepe` Quirinus bred to
Mondshein's Electra, both Quinn and Electra have
proven themselves as great producers.  We have kept
a pup from both times from this breeding and are very
excited about the outstanding quality in temperament as
well as conformation.  Chance's sister is in Alaska
starting her show career as well just acquiring her INT.
CH. UCICB certificate with three V1 ratings and Best of

We hope to make a contribution to the Giant
Schnauzer as an all-around dog whose working
ability does not get lost in it's quest as a champion
show dog.
Inother Chance vom Mutter Haus
                                                        Nilo v Bergherbos BJSG
                                          Quintus v Bergherbos, SF.,Esp.,Est,INT CH,Eu.Sgr.HD/A-
                                                        Kelly v Bergherbos NI CH, HD/A-
                            Stablemaster's East Wind, INT CH, IPO I, HD/B
                                                        Stablemaster's Yorky
                                          Riesenhoff Ziggy-Twiggy, HD/A-
                                                        Riesenhoff Palatte
              Matraszepe Pacemaker, INT CH, IPO I, AD pr HD/A
                                                        Sivan v Bergherbos NI.CH
                                          Vincent v Bergherbos ,HD/A HPJ-HDGY-R.CACA-2xR CAC
                                                        Quintessa v Bergherbos HD/A-
                            Matraszepe Iris  HD/A
                                                        Maxim v Bergherbos HCH-Bk HCH, IPOI HD/A- MET Schn
                                          Sasvari Mara HD/A-
                                                        Sasvari Glenda Riki HCH. IPOI, HD-F, MET Schn.
Matraszepe Quirinus, *Hungarian Import
                                                        Nilo v Bergherbos,LOE
                                          Ziko de Campos de Oro Lux.CH-C.Es.CH Eur.Sgr HD/A
                                                        Carol del Ninot del Foc, Esp. CH  LOE
                            Gloris Ivan Ivanovich INT CH. IPO I, HD/A,CACIB-BOB
                                                        Friper De Pichera, Esp., Lux.,CH LOE,Esp & Lux. CH
                                          Stablemaster's Spacieal Case Ru.CH HD/B, MET. Schn.
                                                        World Winner Stablemaster's Electric Lady, Esp.,Sf,INT CH
              Mabella V Hella-Hof  HD/A
                                                        Eicko vd Hohen Ward, Dt ,Bjsg-Esg-Kbsg, CH.,SchHIII,AD, HD/A-
                                          Titan v Bartenwetzer, VDH, DT. CH Kbsg, HD/A ,SchHIII,FH
                                                        Viola v Heimeshof, Kbsg, DT-Csfr-VDH-CH, IPO I, AD, HD/A
                            Hella Vom Hella-Hoff, DT, VDH, OJ, CH. Ost.Bjsg, ISPU Jsg.AD,HD/A
                                                        a-Cito v Burgwald, SchHIII, PSH III, FHI
                                          Hella v Burgwald ,AD, HD/A
                                                        a-Truxa v Giebiko, SchH I
Inother Chance Vom Mutter Haus
                                                        Kbsg,Jsg,Int CH,Dt CH Schw.Sg VDH Ch Kassan vd lederhecke
SchH                                                                                                                                                                               II,VB,BH,ZB
                                          Casper v Inheidener See Kbsg Dt CH
                                                        Kbsg Dt Ch Yama v Inheidener SchH I, ZV V
                            Santo vd Lederhecke ZB:V,Kbsg Bsg Jsg ISPU-Jdsg Dt CH
                                                        Kbsg,Jsg,Esg,Bsg,VDH,Lux,Dt & INT CH Hondo v
Gunterstal                                                                                                                                                                                         SchHIII,AD,BH,ZB
                                          Asja vd Rois ZV:V
                                                        kbsg Bsg,INT,VDH,LUX,DT CH I'Mon Amour vd Lederhecke SchHII,BH ZB V
              Imbo Von Der Talmuhle Dt Ch.,Kbsg Jsgr,VDH Ch,SchHI,BH,AD
                                                        Wsg,VDH CH,Ssg,Kbsg,Jsg DT&Lux CH Ruf v Greifensee SchHII,AD,ZB-V
                                          Hondo v Gunterstal, Lux,Int,Dt CH, SchHIII,AD,BH +3,ZB V
                                                        Wsg, Ssg,Kbsg, Bjsg, DT&VDH-CH Uschi v Gunterstal KKL I
                             Asja vd Talmuhle Kbsg VDH CH, SchHII,AD,BH, ZB:V
                                                        Kbsg Dt. Ch Asko v Holderstock SchHIII VB,AD BH+3 ZB V
                                          Lena vd Immedklause +3,ZB V
                                                        Hella vd Immenklause
Mondschein's Electra VMH
                                                        Am CH. El Lobo Emo
                                          Am CH. El Lobo Satchmo v Emo
                                                        Am CH. Brandonburg's Pat
                            Am CH. El Lobo Maximillian
                                                        Am. CH. Dolric Moritz Von Gestern  CD.
                                          Am CH. El Lobo Zenith v Gesi
                                                        Am CH El Lobo Quick as a Wink V Emo
              El Lobo Belissa V Max
                                                        Am CH. Echo of Erin Donner,
                                          Am CH. Belcan's A Beelzebub
                                                        Am CH. Cetora of Belcan Von Erin
                            Am. CH.Belcan's Sable Von Digger
                                                        Am CH. Echo of Erin Donner
                                          Am CH. Belcan's Fantasia Von Ebony
                                                        Am CH. Echo of Erin Elza V Taghollow
WARNING! Chance died a
horriffic death due to a
deadly reaction to the use of
Bio spot contains
permithrin which affected
many of our Gulf War
In loving memory
Aug 14 2001 - May 4th 2007
So young and so full of life, we
miss you my buddy.