Taboo - 7 yr old trail mare. Ivory-Creme, carries both dilute genes of Cremello and Champagne. Can produce palomino's, gold
champagens, classic, amber and Ivory, cremello, smoky blacks depending on the stud used also.
She is very pocket friendly, love carrots and very level headed, not spooky. Trained all natural horsemanship methods, never abused
or pushed in any way. Has not been ridden on trail rides much lately so will need refreshing. 14.2 HH Beautiful mare with top
bloodlines for breeding.
White Round pen for sale. Heavy gage made by Equestrian World, twelve 12' panels with 6' walk through gate. Squared panels so
catch proof against feet/hoofs getting caught between panels. One top rail is bent from a branch. Paid over $1700. for it
priced $1,000. Good condition
Racking horse Single footer
Out of Ribbon & Bandit
Out of Silkie & Bandit
Classy -Out of Silkie & MIdas
Silkie & Filly
Karimia-Out of Ribbon & Bandit
Out of Ribbon & Bandit
MIsty- Out of Color & Bandit
Tennessee Walking Horses for sale
Out of Trinket&Midas
Out of Ribbon&Bandit
Out of Eclipse & Bandit
Trout-Creek's ThripleHeart Breaker Out of Eclipse
& Bandit
Both out of Eclipse, 1 of
Bandit, 1 of Midas
Out of Eclipse & Bandit
Sonata out of Bandit/Tally
Rahja out of Bandit &Tally
Molly- Out of Color & Bandit
Out of Eclipse & Bandit
Out of Bandit
Out of Bandit
Ribbon & Bandit filly
Trinket out of Ribbon & Bandit
****Horses Sold below****
Out of MIdas X Tally  Champagne colt
2 Champagne's out of Midas,
first of Eclipse, 2nd of Silkie,
blk/wht of Ribbon/Bandit
Out of MIdas & Eclipse same colt in
photo to left
Black Jack
931-201-2092  Phone
I am not a horse-dealer. These
were my breeding prospects and
offspring. Due to my health
condition, I must sell all my
beloved friends.
smooth Champagne Tennessee walker sale