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Presentation of the Tennessee Walker

The Tennessee walking horse was introduced in 2000 as the official state horse of Tennessee. Tennessee walkers are one of the smoothest horses in the globe to ride. They've got three soft, natural gaits: a flat-foot walk, a running walk, and a canter. Also recognized for its solid base and calm temperament, the Tennessee walking horse is the first breed of horse to bear the name of the state.

Origin of the Tennessee walker

Tennessee walkers have been created by farmers in the Tennessee Bluegrass Region who combine the genes of thoroughbreds, Canadian pacers, Saddlebreds, Morgan’s, American Standardbreds, and Narranganett pacers. Tennessee walking horses come in all colors and patterns — black, bay, chestnut, palomino, buckskin roan and spotted patterns.

They have the ability to do several gaits

Gaited Horses quote: "The Tennessee Walking Horse is nodding its head in rhythm with the cadence of its legs. These types of horses are born with the capacity to do other gaits besides walking. Some of these gaits are the rack, the pace, the foxtrot, the pace, the foot, the foot and the other variants of the popular walking. The Tennessee walking horse is also renowned for its "rock chair" canter, which is a gathered gallop. The canter is conducted in much the same manner as other races, but the walking horse seems to have a more relaxed way of performing this gait.

Capacity to stroll through the mountain and valleys

Excerpt from the International Museum of the Horse, the Tennessee walker gained broad popularity for his ease of gait and capacity to stroll through the mountains and valleys of the rocky middle Tennessee land ... used as a utility animal for all kinds of farm job, as well as family transport and leisure, the ancient plantation-type horse was not taught to show in those days — -its gait was inherited naturally.

Classified according to their gaits

Tennessee walking horses are split into performance and pleasure classes, horses wear big shoes and perform elevated, vibrant gaits. In pleasure classes, the shoes are smaller and the gaits are less vibrant.