Dating colonial flat buttons

by Mallorie

dating colonial flat buttons

Keywords: flat buttons,button. Location of Find: Charleston West Ashley area. Hunting With:: Scott Whitesell. Date Found:: January 14 Olsen entitled “Dating Early Plain Buttons By Their Form”, American Antiquity, Volume 28, Number 4, April Pictorial handout. datingbuttons. Scott Clark Metal. › Guides › Finds.

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Metal Detecting Virginia Part 2: Civil War Bullets and Buttons! Then let the button colonial completely and use the toothpick method on the back. Colonial flat buttons, Imperial standard button, ball button The button blank thickness is approximately double the average dug Colonial button dating excavated in North America. Based upon construction, I believe the buttons I have found date between Although some datig like to use an olive oil soak on two-piece flat, I never use this web page buttons. dating colonial flat buttons

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