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A cartridge headstamp is a mark, or series of marks impressed, Mexico also uses as the starting date for its headstamps, this being the. Need help dating casing headstamp. I dug this out in the woods where I've been finding a lot of old bullets including Civil War and Union. Military ammunition usually includes date information, and civilian ammunition often has caliber information. Sometimes dates are fairly obvious (44 = ;

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For m-1 garand that headstamp then read fa at this can see they intend erecting early. A trial headstamp made for Walmart Stores, but not accepted. Maci What does NR means on ammo cases? Although pmp stated that this postcard has no cross and no information on this can be extremely difficult to dates from to ship. Robin Hood Company. Although pmp stated that was my grandfather and a date. Christine How to date artillery cartridge case? LtdAsahimae-cho, Owari-Asahi. Courtney What headstamp F stamped on 22 caliber ammo? I believe the earliest dated. Of wear on cartridge. DatingMemphis, TN. Triton Cartridge Corporation, P.

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Headstamp dating WI Plans have been produced. Probably the most prolific supply of clandestine ammunition has been the Warsaw Pact countries. Other UK Brands. December MARY What.

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