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Off Shore Tackle makes it easy to rig their boards so multiple boards can be fished per side of the the OR16 Snap Weight Clip that comes standard on the OR12 Side-Planer is the perfect release. The Spanish Connection. Can you run tadpoles off of OR12's with the tattle flag set up? A. You should be able to run the #1 and #2 with the OR12TF Tattle Flag setup. As long as there is. Our Best Darn Planer Board tracks out away from your boat like no other planer boards, plus you can hook up several lines and it will still track Hook up planer.

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EXAMPLE - In twenty eight feet of water you would have three 7 split shots and let out eight four feet of line then clip on your planer. With your wide coverage and separation of lines, you have the ability to turn degrees in an acre of water. This simply is two boards on each side of the boat and one free-line in the center. Place the line through the snap swivel. When a fish strikes the bait the planer board releases and slides down the line until it reaches leader or the fish. Place your bait out the proper distance using the above formula. Live bait fishing is most effective at less than 2 mph but Water Bugz can handle up to 3 mph.

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Current, wind and your speed are the factors of concern. EXAMPLE - Fishing in eleven feet of water you would put one 7 split shot about four foot from the hook and you would let out thirty three foot of line then clip on your planer. As we all know Expand your fishing. It takes only a few seconds to attach a Water Bug. There is no limit to the different game fish you will catch! EXAMPLE - In eighteen feet of water you would have two 7 split shots about four foot from the hook and you would let out fifty four of line then clip on your planer. A great spread over dating free sites 60s two planers on each planer of the boat, one about 50 feet away and the other about 20 feet away. Unlimited possibilities is the only way to describe board Water Bugz Side Planers can do for inshore fishermen. Your line placement will vary depending hp size. This gets you back to the action quickly. When using this side planer, you expand your coverage from the width of the boat to up feet. Methods for Hook Use: 1. Whether planer use rocket launchers, board holders or just hook pipe you can stand rods up hok out in any fashion and still cover up to foot of water in any boat.

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