Can you hook up at a wedding

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can you hook up at a wedding

If you're inviting a bunch of single friends to your nuptials, you may be wondering if any wedding hookups will take place. Well, there's a good. If you're a single wedding guest, a post-reception hookup may be on your mind. Fine, but keep in mind the appropriate wedding hookup etiquette. So if you're single and on the wedding circuit, the odds are in your favor—and if you're planning your wedding, it just might be the beginning of someone else's. can you hook up at a wedding

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But it's not all about the hookups: 4 percent of married couples report that guests who met at their wedding are now in a committed relationship. Going to a wedding? Showing slide number 1 out of When it comes to meeting that special someone, weddings may be even better than Hinge. Photo by Brooke Taelor. Steer clear of anyone likely to spark controversy. Up Next. But getting caught making an you sexit mid-reception is a wedding look hook both of weddlng, so if you do have a lead on click the following article potential hookup, be discreet. Wedding Ceremony. And some couples turn wedding hookups into weddings of their own. Showing slide number can out of Sure, some of your guests might hook up at your wedding, but many are waiting until after the big day to get together.

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